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Extended stay at Thanda

Akhil is an ANT/Ulwazi volunteer from Sri Lanka who was meant to fly home this week. However, Sri Lanka was already in lockdown, which left it impossible for Akhil to get home. So he is staying with us! Here are a few of his first weeks’ experiences with the wildlife team here at Thanda.

Image description:

  • Getting stuck in! The vehicle got stuck at the Mduna river crossing, and it was a rather muddy affair.
  • When the wildlife manager asks you to please recover a plastic bottle from the river.
  • Suffice it to say that the hills on Mduna are steep – exploring the terrain from all angles.
  • Helping look for an escapee pangolin from a neighbouring reserve.
  • Spot of bush clearing and helping with gabion construction for gully erosion (after the rhino’s played with the tyres the first time!)
  • A chance encounter with a Leopard.
  • Lion encounters.
  • Elephant encounters: looking for Mpatha who needs his medication this month.