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Author: jennahight

A time of plenty

The ebb and flow of nature and the bush is ever-changing. There are times of plenty and there are times when the constant struggle for survival becomes more evident. Here at Thanda Safari Private Game Reserve, located in northern Zululand, we are experiencing an abundance

A glimpse of the universe

If you try to gaze at what lies beyond the hazy edge of our atmosphere, you usually end up completely blinded by the light of our closest star and the sky stays desperately empty and blue. However, as the Earth continues swirling the Sun eventually

I’m glad I wasn’t born a toad

I am glad I wasn’t born a toad. Not that I usually wish I were born another animal, the simple fact that I can use my fingers to remove the ridiculous amount of ticks from my legs after a mere 3h walk is a reason

A Lion Sighting to Remember

I know we speak about our lions a lot, but it really is a privilege to share a workspace with these incredible, iconic big cats. I would like to share an interesting sighting with you. 25 May 2019 - 7:20AM: On a cold early winter

Secretary Bird – Sagittarius Serpentarius

One of the most unusual and iconic birds found in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Secretary Bird has many tales of how it got its name. The most popular being that the long quill like feathers that adorn the nape of the bird resemble an array of

Nature is Sometimes Merciless

Sometimes things seem to come right where you are and you don’t need to go far to get a proper bush experience. As we were ready to leave the lodge for the afternoon game drive, a herd of elephant were sighted walking in our direction,

Grey Tree Frog or Foam Nest Frog

Grey tree frogs are often found in human habitations, especially around the lodge. This is where I found my first Grey tree frog, on top of a photo frame, agents the wall.  I removed it and put it outside on some shrubs and had my

Nothing Can Beat The Unpredictable Bush

Story by Buselaphi I had a couple on my vehicle that had been going to the bush for 40 years. They were staying at Thanda Safari for three nights and their main request was that they really would like to see a leopard. This is

A Special Beginning

A special start to my new adventures at Thanda Safari We started our morning game drive looking for lions. My Tracker, Sabelo, directed us far west, to a beautiful area of the reserve, with a far-reaching view of the rolling hills. There we found the