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The Difference between Terrapin, Turtle and Tortoises

It was early morning of the 12th December 2019. Me and Siboniso, my tracker, arrived at Safari Lodge just after 04:30 in the morning While we were busy with the preparation of the vehicle, Vincent came to call us to the front of house. He wanted to show us something of interest.

When we arrived in front, Vincent pointed to the water feature. When we looked down at the water, next to the rock, we saw a freshwater terrapin busy eating a frog.

I didn’t believe my eyes that early in the morning. I was up for my first kill of the day. Unfortunately, when the guest arrived, the terrapin was finished with its meal.

The guests always ask, what is the different between terrapin, turtle and tortoises?

Some interesting facts on the differences between these three animals.

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